As one of the core components in the MediaScape project, the adaptation engine is supposed to dynamically decide which part of application content goes to which device, according to the current context and device capabilities.

API Description

Adaptation Engine API


Within the MediaScape project, application content has been abstracted as a set of web components that can be distributed over multiple devices within a single application session. Meanwhile, the capabilities of all active devices have been shared across agents as the shared context, provided by the interface of Application Context. Therefore, the problem for Adaptation Engine can be formulated as a dynamic resource allocation problem. Within a multidevice application session, given a set of web components and a set of active devices with different capabilities, the adaptation engine needs to figure out how to allocate the web components to the active devices in a way that the distribution of web components over devices can fit to the current context and be able to provide seamless user experience.

API Documentation


Here you can find an example of implementation:

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