Cross Platform Authentication

One of the areas we've been investigating in the MediaScape project is user authentication through media devices such as connected TV and radio, to be able to deliver personalised media experiences to these devices. Use cases include media recommendations, favourites lists, bookmarking, and transferring media playback between devices, as well as the kinds of multi-device applications enabled more generally by MediaScape

API Description

Cross Platform Authentication


Working with partner organisations through the EBU, we have developed the Cross Platform Authentication (CPA) protocol for media devices.



To demonstrate how CPA works, we have created an interactive tutorial using Jupyter. The tutorial consists of a virtual machine image containing reference implementations of the CPA system components, together with set of Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate and explain the protocol. The virtual machine can be downloaded and installed using Vagrant. To try out the tutorial, simply follow the instructions in the ReadMe. For more information, please contact us at

Code example