Mediascape Project publishes the integration of Discovery API with the Agent Context, together with a sample Hello World application on top of them. The aim of this library is to provide shared awareness of all the device capabilities and features to each to application instance. Moreover, this library shows the mechanism to expand the set of features discovered according to an agent model.

The collected and propagated information would support distributed application decisions to match the application logic with the device features.

API Description

Discovery-multi API


MediaScape targets applications that provide shared experiences across multiple devices.

In this context, to ease distributed application decisions, different devices running an application must provide shared awareness of their capabilities and features.

Discovery-Multi integrates Agent Context and Discovery-Self to provide information about the current agent, its capabilities and events (as well as sensor management) based in Discovering API published into Discovery-Self.

Discovery propagation through the Aplication Context includes two developments:

  • Discovery API: This library builds awareness about the device features and the available devices ready to be connected to each application instance.
  • Application Context: The Application context includes the Agent context that focuses on information related to an agent, its capabilities and provides events with updates.
API Documentation


Here you can find an example of implementation:

Code example