Mediascape Project publishes the implementation of Discovery API, together with a sample Hello World application that consumes it. The aim of this library is to provide to each application instance an inventory of device features and the set of available devices ready to be connected. Thus, Discovery API provides a list of the capabilities and resources ready to build a multi-device application.

It also includes extra complements like a native android implementation and Named Web Sockets proxy for a complete acquisition of the device agents information.

API Description

Discovery-self API


This library builds awareness about the device features and the available devices ready to be connected for each application instance. To achieve it, this Discovery library introspects the features of the device and detects the reachable devices through the possible network interfaces and communication protocols.

The solution includes two major possibilities:

  • Web-Browser Agents- W3C specification based on JavaScript functions, gaining the abilities of the web browser to know and operate its underlying HW and SW stack
  • Native Agents executed publishing the introspection results in a uniform format

API Documentation


Here you can find some examples of implementation for using the code in the web, one with the code and the other with the result of using it:

Code example Use example