Euromeme prototype

It is based on the ExtraMedia scenario with some social aspects covered by the MultiQuiz and the SocialTV scenarios. It provides a synchronised second screen service for the Eurovision TV show to create clip videos from the second screen device and share them to friends. BBC has leaded this prototype.


BBC has developed this prototype to clip and share favourite Eurovision moments using a second screen application synced with the TV to make selecting and sharing Vine-like clips and images easier.

EuroMeme is a second-screen web app, which uses one of the MediaScape Device Discovery APIs to find TVs on the local area network, and the MediaScape Synchronisation APIs to synchronise the second screen (tablet) with the TV to enable a user to accurately create clips of the programme currently playing on the TV to share on social media. It also has app-specific components as a clip making API and a media store.

Obtain the code

Deploy the Prototype


  • Node
  • golang
  • ffmpeg
  • imagemagick
  • Ruby
  • avahi


  • Install prerequisites:

    sudo apt-get install libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev gifsicle golang ruby1.9.1

    sudo gem install foreman --no-ri –no-rdoc

  • Install Euromeme:


    git clone

  • Switch to release branch:

    cd euromeme

    git fetch origin

    git checkout -b user_test_1 origin/user_test_1

  • Install and build all the node parts


  • Compile media server

    cd apps/media-api/server

    go build serve.go

  • Copy configs, ensuring you replace sync id


    cp ./apps/euromeme-ui/static/config.json.example ./apps/euromeme-ui/static/config.json

    cp ./apps/tv-ui/static/config.json.example ./apps/tv-ui/static/config.json

    replace with your msv id and name

    "appId": "1234567890", "msvName": "msvname",

  • Download gifs and video and untar to apps/media-api/server/public

    ls apps/media-api/server/public/

    180 eurovision-2015.30.180.mp4 eurovision-2015.30.720.mp4

  • run everything

    foreman start -f Procfile.development


  • Put http://your-ip:5200 full screen e.g. in chrome or firefox

    The video should start to play

  • Try http://your-ip:5000 in another browser window

    You should be able to:

    • see devices to connect to
    • connect to "living room tv"
    • see a synced video in bottom rigth corner (takes a few seconds, might be jumpy), and blank spaces for the rest
    • click on the live tab
    • use the edit screen to scrub and make a clip
    • clip should appear top lef afer a few seconds
    • click on the clip to see the share options [share buttons do not work!]