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The GitHub repository of MediaScape is We have published the different APIs developed during the project. The dissemination is addressed in two different levels. On the one hand, prototypes have been created on top of the different APIs of MediaScape. These prototypes are user-oriented media applications that show the potential of the outcome of MediaScape. On the other hand, Hello World examples have been created and published for each one of the MediaScape APIs.

If you are interested on having particular or more detailed information about the software please contact the Technical Manager: Mikel Zorrilla (

Mediascape APIs
Mediascape Prototypes


It is based on the HybridRadio scenario. A broadcaster delivering a radio programme with second screen visual information synchronised with the radio programme. It can also be extended to a third device, such as TV, having two visual screens synchronised with the radio show. BR is leading this prototype with the technical support of IRT.



It is based on the ExtraMedia scenario with some social aspects covered by the MultiQuiz and the SocialTV scenarios. It provides a synchronised second screen service for the Eurovision TV show to create clip videos from the second screen device and share them to friends. BBC is leading this prototype.



It is based on the ExtraMedia scenario. A broadcaster delivering a live TV show during the elections night and providing related content such as other streaming cameras from the headquarters of the political parties, vote counting real-time information, statistics, graphics, social networks services, etc. The end users will consume it with multiple devices at the same time. Vicomtech-IK4 is leading this prototype in a close collaboration with EiTB, the public Basque broadcaster, part of the EIKEN cluster (member of the Advisory Board).